Vocational Rehabilitation and Job Placement

Active & Accountable job development is an intensive job search process developed by HFA.  It is designed to either place individuals within 90 days or to have the information to determine the barriers to employment.  Click here for more information…

Independent Vocational Evaluation©

The Independent Vocational Evaluation (IVE) is our copyrighted product which has become a comprehensive assessment tool that is designed to help evaluate a claimant’s employability and wage earning capacity.  Through the process and use of the IVE, HFA Vocational Counselors have invigorated stalled rehabilitation cases and are able to provide expert testimony. Click here for more information…

Employability and Wage Earning Capacity Analysis

Independent evaluations providing the most objective findings as to an individual’s employability and maximum wage earning capacity given his or her present qualifications, training and provided work restrictions or recommendations.

Vocational Opinions, Consultation and Occupational Research

Experienced vocational experts with over 100 years of combined service and expertise available for defense or plaintiff consultation regarding third-party liability claims, veterans disability appeals, social security disability claims and appeals, and mediation. Click here for additional details and a list of our recent publications and relative case laws.

Attendant Care Cost Analysis

Comprehensive and objective reports used for assessing and/or determining the appropriate compensation for in-home attendant care services based on the level and description of care required, qualifications and training of the provider, and relative labor market in which the services are to be delivered.

Job Analyses

On-site workplace job analyses incorporating professional video footage and in-depth written reports for physician review.


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