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The following podcasts’ discuss a variety of topics related to vocational and forensic rehabilitation. The following information is educational in nature and summarizes a combination of empirical research, literature reviews, meta-analysis, literary publications, limited newspapers and magazine articles, as well as the practical experience of certified rehabilitation counselors and medical professionals.

The purpose of these podcasts are to provide reliable and objective information regarding a variety of vocational and forensic rehabilitation topics aimed at increasing the use of evidence-based practice in both vocational and forensic rehabilitation.


Employer’s Perceptions of Online Degrees

This podcast reviews some of the most recent research and literature regarding the prospective employability of job seekers who have obtained online college degrees, as compared to those with traditional institutional degree’s, and if employers perceptions regarding online education is changing over time.

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Education or Experience: Which do employers prefer?

This podcast reviews recent research and  polling information about how employers view experience versus education (credentialing) when competing for a job, when a degree is not required for consideration, and up-to-date statistics regarding employee educational level among various occupational categories. 

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Environmental Considerations in Forensic Interviewing

This podcast discusses key differences in clinical versus research (forensic) interviewing, favorable versus unfavorable interviewing environments, preserving the integrity of forensic interviewing, as well as ethical implications of the presence of third-party observers or participants at the interview.

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Employer Attitudes and Practices in Hiring Ex-Offenders

This podcast reviews a variety of peer-reviewed publications and literary works that have empirically investigated or surveyed employer’s attitudes and practices in hiring ex-offenders; discussing issues such as willingness to hire individual’s with felony convictions, employer’s demand for ex-offenders, enhancing employment opportunities for those with criminal histories, and what types of occupations ex-offenders are performing.

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Age and Employment Considerations

This podcast presents current employability statistics of older workers in the United States; discusses relevant issues affecting the candidacy of older workers among various types of occupations; reviews peer-reviewed studies that have investigated the social stigma that can be associated with hiring older workers; and a summary of federal legislation that has been passed to protect older individuals seeking employment. 

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Utilization and Utility of Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)

This podcast will review some of the most recent research regarding the utility of FCE’s in predicting future functionality and return to work options.  A brief history of the FCE, reliability and validity issues, as well as a brief investigation into the use of FCE’s in determining employability and wage earning capacity is presented. 

podcast Audio (15m:11s)

Defining Disability

This podcast examines the definition of disability has evolved over time, as well as discusses the various legal and civil contexts in which disability is assessed, and what variables influence these decisions.  We will also present different perspectives on how disability is interpreted and defined, specifically assessing the differences between economic, medical, and psychosocial (environmental) frameworks that have influenced disability policy in the United States.

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