Attendant Care Cost Analysis

Our Attendant Care Services Cost Guide was developed to provide up-to-date and reliable wage information used in determining appropriate compensation or pay structures for In-Home Attendant Care Workers. The purpose of this publication is to provide a comprehensive and objective means of assessing or determining the appropriate compensation for In-Home Attendant Care Workers based on their Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) or job title, level of care required, qualifications and training, and relative labor market in which the services are to be rendered.

This guide provides objective means to assessing the total compensation, inclusive of a variety of optional employee benefits, of Attendant Care workers by utilizing Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) independently or in addition to salary survey methods.

The guide begins with a summary of relevant legislation and case law that provides a useful guideline in determining the applicably of in-home attendant care wage levels and benefits in Michigan, as well as the implications of important definitions, terminology and related issues that influence the selection of service providers, allowable and compensable expenses, and reasonable or customary charges for such services.

This guide also contains useful information on what types of workers are qualified and frequently perform in-home attendant care services, including detailed information regarding level of skill, level of education, qualifications and training, and general job duties associated with each attendant care occupation.

A methodological step-by-step instructional guide provides oversight on how the most appropriate wage for services based on the level of care required and qualifications of the provider is determined.

The 2015 Attendant Care Services Cost Guide contains updated wage information for Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA) and Massage Therapists.

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