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We offer a variety of high quality client services ranging from forensic vocational evaluations to assisting persons with disabilities return to work. We are continuing to grow and expand our services in areas such as disability management, family law services, and attendant care cost analyses. We pride ourselves in using empirical data and research to support our work, and are always prepared to consult on complex disability claims. Check out our comprehensive list of services below, and to learn more click on a service or contact us directly

evidence-based workplace disability management solutions

Expanding Services

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Despite efforts to provide education, tools, and resources, the complexity of leave and absence management continues to confront employers, and present challenges to both those that in-source and those that outsource (DMEC, 2020).

In the Spring of 2021, HFA formed DMHR Solutions, an organization specializing in working with employers in forming workplace disability management solutions, focusing on stay at work (SAW) and return to work (RTW) programs aimed at containing cost, reducing risk, minimizing work loss, and preventing work disability.

Our diverse and well-trained consultants serve customers by increasing employer knowledge regarding the impact that disability and reduce overall workplace interruption through active claims analysis, risk assessment, and case management interventions directed at the workplace.

We accomplish this by providing evidence-based and data driven disability management interventions and recommendations aimed at containing or reducing disability related cost while reducing the impact of work injury and preventing disability.

We measure success by achieving desired outcomes through, efficient and cost-effective disability management program evaluation that address the occupational health of employees and comprehensive needs of the organization.

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