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Hostetler Fontaine and Associates

Employability and Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations

Hostetler Fontaine and Associates has experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Disability Management Specialists who specialize in the evaluation of employability and wage earning capacity.

The purpose of these evaluations is to reach the most objective findings as to an individual’s employability and maximum wage earning capacity given their present qualifications, training and provided work restrictions or recommendations, if applicable.

These types of evaluations demand highly qualified professionals who have specialized experience in forensic rehabilitation, legal testimony, transferable skills analysis, occupational employment statistics, and labor market research.

These comprehensive evaluations provide detailed information for assessing an individuals present vocational capacity, wage earning capacity and/or ability to earn wages in the future.

We utilize specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques in developing objective opinions, based on grounded theory, principles and methods.

To discuss your interests further, or if we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.