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Hostetler Fontaine and Associates

Job Analysis

For individuals with disabilities or have sustained injuries on the job, the key focus of vocational rehabilitation is their restoration of return to vocationally and medically appropriate employment.

The use of the representative (off-site) or video (on-site) job analysis in the field of vocational rehabilitation is grounded in primary and secondary prevention of disability, rehabilitation planning and disability management.

Our on-site workplace job analyses incorporate professional video footage and in-depth written reports for physician review.

Through established research and governmental resources, such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and Occupation Information Network, our representative job analyses provide detailed written information including tasks, environmental conditions and the functional capacities required for the average worker to perform the essential functions of the job when on-site job assessments are not applicable.

Our job analyses have been used successfully to ensure vocational rehabilitation activities are medically appropriate, investigate and/or verify the reasonableness job development goals, aid in vocational rehabilitation planning, and  support the overall goal of returning the injured party to previous or comparable levels of employment.

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