Hostetler Fontaine and Associates

Rehabilitation That Works!

Hostetler-Fontaine & Associates is a State of Michigan approved facility for providing vocational rehabilitation and related services. It was formed in 1981 by two job developers: John Raleeh, Ph.D., and Guy Hostetler, M.A., its current president. It has always been the philosophy of this organization to be goal-oriented toward employment that we believe is the best vocational rehabilitation for everyone.

For 30 years, Hostetler Fontaine & Associates has provided its customers “Active and Accountable rehabilitation and job development.” While vocational evaluation, vocational testing, and vocational exploration are necessary, they are in reality, just the preliminaries to the hard work of locating employment.

We try to avoid the peaks and valleys of our competitors’ typical job development to allow a constant level of activity by and for the injured worker. Instead of contacting a list of employers one time each month, providing leads to the injured worker, and doing sporadic follow ups, we conduct 2-4 sessions of employer contacts per month and follow up with the subsequent injured worker and prospective employer to facilitate the placement process. This system has proven time and again to net the best results as soon as possible.

Our diverse staff is comprised of Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Disability Management Specialists, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, and Job Developers who have been performing quality case management service within the Great Lakes Region for many years.

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